Kate & Vishal
29 April 2016

Good Morning Berlin!

I was going to start with an apology.  You are going to need 12 mins of your time to absorb this post about destination wedding photography. Who has that time in internet world!  But No, I think Kate & Vish deserve 12 mins out of your morning (or…..) if you love amazing wedding inspiration.

This day, this wedding, and these families and friends indeed did witness something special!  I had the privilege of living in Kate and Vish’s home town of Berlin in the lead up to their roof top Friday afternoon wedding.  Living in their city, not just seeing the sites, but meeting the people of Berlin and what makes that place tick gave me insight as to why Kate and Vish love this place so much and I thank them for being brave enough to have me fly all that way to capture this day. Kate & Vish – love ya!

From our first Skype session I think we understood each other.  Kate and Vish had a vision for their european wedding and it was always going to be unique and focussed on an intimate celebration (that went for days!) with family and friends. No periphery was required! Paired down to the basics of an amazing location, lovely food, lots of little drinkies and importantly ‘time’ planned into the day so as to spend quality time with everyone. (i didn’t leave till 3am and a core solid crew watched the sun come up in the park! epic effort).

Kate and Vish clearly attract intriguing people into there lives.  It seems to me that comes about because of the attention they give to others and the way they appreciate all those in their lives. I certainly felt that welcome, and cant wait to get back to visit. Thanks for having me, i am humbled to be an Adelaide wedding photographer who works at weddings around the globe.


“PETE! This is just too wonderful. We absolutely LOVE it!
We woke up to your email - jumped straight to the computer and watched it, together!
It was really AMAZING to be able to re-live all those special memories again... and we've watched it more than 10 times today (yes, not a very productive Monday for either of us).

In fact, we started calling family and friends and we'd watch the video together so we could also see their reactions (check screenshots attached).

Thank you! You've really captured our BIG day in your unique, magical way. As family watched the video, all we heard was "wow, this guy's really, really good!".

And the video is just stunning - the shots, the flow, the music... just love how it all comes together! THANK YOU for putting it together with so much love!”

Kate & VishalBerlin wedding