How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

When you are getting married, there are so many things that you will need to organise. Even simple weddings require a plan to be stress free. Many of these decisions can be easy to make, and only require a choice based on your preference of colour or style.

Some choices however are more difficult, and the wedding photographer can be one of those. Unlike a wedding invite or which type of car you want to arrive in, the person you choose to take wedding photos should be someone you connect with, someone who gets yourself and your partner. Imagine spending your big day with someone you just didn’t like very much following you around?

Because of this fact, starting the process of choosing your photographer as soon as possible is recommended. It is not just that I am someone who takes photos at weddings that I say this, but missing out on the photographer you want, the one you connect with can be very disappointing and end up with maybe not quite the images you expected or desired.

The majority of weddings happen on the weekend. If you want to celebrate your marriage on the weekend, during the busy wedding months, then you should book as soon as possible. It is not unheard of for me to have dates booked out up to eighteen months in advance. The busy period is also beginning to extend pretty much from September, all the way through to June these days.

Is there such thing as too early to choose a wedding photographer?

Not counting those who elope, or small intimate the weddings, the average time in advance that wedding photographers in Adelaide are booked falls around nine months before the big day. Saturday is the most popular day to tie the knot. So, if your wedding plans are for that day, the earlier the better really. Most people are not engaged for more than a year, and bookings on Saturdays, during wedding season are always filling up fast.

Last minute wedding photo packages can sometimes be arranged, so it is always worth a call if you need a last minute photographer. Cancellations happen, plans change.

We have another post that outlines the most popular wedding days throughout the year, and if you want to marry in this window, twelve month advance bookings are highly recommended.

If you find a wedding photographer whose photographic style you love, that you connect with, whose personality suits you, then book as soon as you can. At least lock in the date, even if you don’t set the final details in concrete. Starting the search all over again can be heartbreaking.