Peri & Oscar
Aug 2018
Dim Church Vineyards
Peri & Oscar  – Barossa Valley.  Such a cold & blowy day, that had everyone warmed by the amazingness that is these two, and their love for each other and all those they include in their close fold.

Peri and Oscar have maintained a long distance, world wide, relationship for many years with New Zealand, Sweden, Netherlands and Australia featuring as a ‘base’ for their careers, love of travel & adventure and of course each other. I met these guys over 18 months ago when we did a little couples shoot and I have to admit to admiring who they are and what they stand for. My family will never forget our time spent in Oscars hometown of Rotorua NZ and the hospitality and fun we experienced with his family in their family home. Then to rap it all up and capture their amazing wedding day was just something I’d been looking forward to for some time.

Here’s to more catch ups in the future Peri & Oscar!