Ruth & Dean
30 January 2017
Chateau Tanunda
See Below
this is a checklist for uber wedding celebration goodness. the architects of this good(great)ness ?…


what you need… dinner plate size smiles all day, killer spot for ‘check me out before ya marry me’ first look shots, twin steads carrying in the girls + 1 likely lad support crew, one of your best mates as your personal celebrant, i do’s on a cricket pitch, super clever white boy rap groom handsome husband vows and a poetic bridal lullaby-esque vows of love, operatic version of “Mr Sandman” – (send me a dean!) to sign the legal bits to, bottles of bubbles to spark the uber willing to party onlookers, seating plan board of Instagram stolen head shots, open to the sky – no roof required thank you very much reception at a barossa castle, doris day movies projected on the big screen, international well wishes from a man in a horse costume, dance moves on boys shoulders, gymnastic backflips and roundhouse D floor moves.
Ruth and Dean – a party like no other! …drop the mic… exit!

love, and champagne soon! – Pete.

oh & who helped pull this awesome off apart from ruth and crew? dress – by rachel gilbert, hair & makeup – by sarah craker weddings, festoon lighting & chairs – by modern party hire lighting by amuse lighting, celebrant – gerard van dyck, blooms – by aster & ivy florists, food – by stu & the team at handmade catering, castle! by – chateau tanunda, dance floor tunes – by the shizzle

To be a Barossa Valley wedding photographer is some times such a pleasure.

i suggest you hit play…


“Hi Pete,

Dean and I just wanted to send you a quick email and say... we're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Thank you so much for snapping our wedding day. We both absolutely loved sharing it with you.

As I said to you at the end of the night, it was like spending the day with a really beautiful friend. We're SO GLAD we were lucky enough to lock you in early and we've only seen one of your pics and we're already so ridiculously stoked! You've definitely whet our appetite.

Of course, thank you also for arranging the First Look at (*secret spot - sorry!). What a gift to be able to not only have that experience on our wedding day but then have 'Pete Thornton photos' to remember that incredibly beautiful and significant moment in our lives.

We're so excited to see what you create but also hope you have a chance to put your feet up and relax for the first few days into 2017.

Dean and I both wholeheartedly agree that you are an absolute legend. Can you please also thank the lovely Olivia for being so sweet and helpful on the day too, please?

Happy New Year and we look forward to catching you soon.

Warmest thanks,

Ruth & Dean x”

Ruth & DeanJan 2017