Lots of questions, many answers!

I often get asked to clarify aspects of how I go about wedding photography…

How far out should I book?

It seems that every year has a busy wedding season that falls into the ‘nicer’ months.  Things kick off for me around September and go right through till about mid June.  I’m getting enquiries for some of these more popular times up to 18 months ahead.  Mostly you’re pretty safe if you’re about 12 months out.

Do you photograph my wedding?

Yep.  It’s me, from our first email, contact, coffee, right through to your wedding and wrapping up all your package inclusions.  I have helpers, staff who churn through all the other things to do, and other wedding photographers who kick in and shoot with me from time to time.

How do I book you Pete?

Come and have a chat – uber important!! We need to meet up, you need to see I don’t have two heads and that I won’t wear a singlet and shorts to photograph your adelaide wedding!!  I need to meet you and hear about your day, your ideas, your desires.  I love getting the whole picture (ummm, pun!) of what your wedding will be like.  To book I need a 20% deposit – then – kaboom, your wedding is locked in, I update my calender and say ‘sorry, I am now booked’ to all who come after!

Can you help with other suppliers?

I’m the only person at your wedding who sees the WHOLE day, and everything that goes on.  I get to see some awesome operators, so I’m in a pretty unique position to refer you to passionate people, who love their gig and love helping you.  I put myself in that mould, so I think it’s good you have more of the same helping pull together your day.

What kit do you use. (it’s a boy thing!)

I’m in the Nikon camp.  I use lenses that cost a fortune! – for a reason.  They capture you in amazing detail, they let me photograph you in amazing soft flattering light, low light.  I rarely use flash – but I can! I bring more gear than I need – why?  It’s the Pro part of being a professional.  It ensures I’m covered for every situation.  Dark churches, bright summer days, moody reception rooms, wicked little forests with light streaming in.

I use clever little remote lights, and flashes that make a photo just that bit more, mmmmmmmm! I’m a Mac freak – and haven’t had a crash since those pesky PC days! I back up your wedding, I edit on fancy monitors (pricey I might ad) that are colour calibrated and correct! I go to training sessions on colour and how to print right. I don’t drive a bomb of a car that has me wondering if i’m gonna make it to your day, and I work out of a dedicated studio space – it has a lovely view and a nice coffee machine!

Do we have to have a wedding album?

Nope, but I really want you to!  Its a history thing really.  Give some thought to 10 years down the track, 20, 30 , 50….  Will you be digging out that disk then??  God forbid, will you still have it?  (it has happened within my time of photographing for people). An album extends your memories, enables you to share it, and enables me to get a bit more creative and tell the tale of your day the way I saw it unfold.  Do you remember sitting down as a youngster looking at old photos of your parents and getting lost in the tales? I do!

What if you are sick on my day?

Fair question this! I actually think I subconsciously deal with this through my outlook on life (deep, I know!)  I eat well, I exercise heaps, I love a siesta in the afternoon, rarely get it but (I could do Spanish) , I listen to my body and get on it if something’s not right.  I don’t want to miss your day – you don’t want me too, because your decision to book me was based on having me right!! I haven’t missed a wedding in 9 years.  BUT, it could happen.  I’m in the AIPP.  I have awesome photographer mates (we call them ‘togs’ for short) We have beers and lunch and I can call on them to cover.  I will always refer to someone who shoots a bit like me, and I’ll bend over backwards to be totally involved in the transition.  Problem ‘solvered’ (but it wont happen – ha!)

Are you full-time?

Certainly.  This is my only gig.  My time and focus is not split between competing careers.  Photographing and becoming better at photographing is my passion.

How many meetings do we need?

Once you have booked, I keep in touch.  Your wedding may be 12 months or more out, but I like to hear how things are progressing.  I get little ‘inspiration’ files from brides.  They show me shots they like, and those ones they cringe at too!!  I’ll add those to your file.  I do a location scout before your day, by myself and then with you too.  That generally happens pretty close to your day, so we can finalise our little plan!

How many images do we get?

It ranges – no limitations though.  Average around 600 – 800 from a full day shoot.  All edited, none straight out of the camera.  Mix of colour and black and white.  I’ll do a re edit to those that go into albums or special wall prints.  Album designs are done by myself then uploaded to a secure section on my site for you to comment on, make changes and approve. Hi res files are offered in all packages.  Make a copy or two when you get them and store one in your parents’ cupboard and one in an underground Swiss gold vault!