Wedding Photography Prices Adelaide

Lets keep this simple…

Your wedding day is a whole lot more than just the ceremony and the reception.  It’s the hours before, the building anticipation, the celebration with your closest family and friends, the laughs and the tears.  I’ll be there.  I’ll be there to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, looking for moments between the two of you – real moments. Unobtrusive when I need to be, and there with a little direction when required too.

Sorry, I don’t do ‘cheesy’. I feel awkward trying, and really I’m just after beautiful images of the two of you and your day. This is a fine line between sitting back and documenting the day, being a little directorial at times and a lot of hunting out the right light / location to create killer memories for you. I’ll be making unique images and editing them to be like ‘art’  – you’ll be proud to show off these wedding photos.

In your hunt to find the right wedding photographer in Adelaide, you’ll no doubt come across many options, many wedding photography prices, wedding photo packages, and really, its going to be a ‘gut feeling’ thing that helps you make the decision.  I trust you are here because your ‘gut’ is telling you something about my photography. You want great photos after all. I look forward to a chat… +61-403-168389

Wedding Photos – Package 1

Option 1 [ $3150]
Coverage shot by Pete [ 6 hrs ] – Allocate the hours as best fits your plans, i’ll be there to capture it all.
Hi & Low Res images on disk or USB or digital delivery
1 x A3 Fine Art Print
Add extra hours if required.

Wedding Photography – Package 2

Option 2 [ $3850]
Full day coverage shot by Pete [ 9 hrs ] – all the getting ready shots right through to the start of the reception. Lots of awesome photo spots in between!
Online preview on the What Pete Shot Blog
Hi & Low Res images on disk or USB or digital delivery
1 x A3 Fine Art Print
Add extra hours? Yep, $220 / hr.

Wedding Photographer Pricing 3

Wedding Photo Package 3. [ $4550 ]

Full day coverage [ includes full reception coverage ] never miss a moment!
Online preview on the What Pete Shot Blog
Hi & Low Res images on disk or USB or digital delivery
1 x A2 Fine Art Print
$500 print credit. Use for reprints or one of my unique framed prints [ Wall Art ]

Add an Album

You can choose any of our Adelaide wedding photography packages and add the following

Album 1 – 10×10 inch matte paper 15 spreads $1080

Album 2 – 12×9 Fine Art paper 15 spreads, leather cover, embossed $1350

Album 3 – (pic below) 12×9 Fine Art paper 15 spreads, leather cover, embossed, Walnut display box, Walnut print mount with 6 x Fine Art post cards, 2 x A2 Fine Art Prints $2650

Albums and Prints.  Are your wedding pictures going to be on USB in 20 (30, 50) years?

Photos are great, but touching is better!

There is something undeniably unique about the feel and the feeling a well crafted print gives. Even more so when you are in it! I delved into the world of fine art printing a number of years back and love the process of shooting, editing, crafting an image in photoshop and matching that vision on paper.  I put my everything into it and it starts when I click the shutter on the camera. I offer a range of wedding albums and prints that have this care and attention put into everyone of them. You can include them with any wedding photography package listed above. Below is the handmade American Walnut / leather & fine art print, wedding album option (Album 3).

I have tried to create a range of wedding photography prices to suit everyone’s needs. It is your special day. Our work for you is tireless and I believe represents real value. I hope you think so to and that we can chat about your wedding soon.