Mel & Anthony
6th Nov 2016
Ayres House
See Below
Mel and Anthony brought together two cultures and two strong families to make one hell of a heartfelt wedding. Had to get some up for them!

When I start a wedding day, and I’m greeted by ‘mum’ with an offer of food, coffee, champagne, I know two things – I’m at an Italian wedding (!) and Its going to be a great day.  It’s so nice to be welcomed in to the families for this day and I quickly get to know how special this day is to everyone. Then the Scottish influence kicked in! Mel is of Scottish decent and it was a bunch of fun, laughter and family in the morning. The sun shined upon Ayres House and the temp stayed down for us.  Magnificent day, and such a great fun bunch of family and friends to share Mel and Anthony’s day.

Being a wedding photographer allows me to experience all sorts of weddings and experience is important to get great shots, aside from just the planned highlight moments. Natural wedding photography, along with artful images create a more complete wedding album to enjoy.

Brides Dress – Caleche Bridal